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By Fred Davidson

5 5 months ago

Tooth Problem

Dr Scot was very kind and professional while attending to a dental problem.The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. Many thanks.
By Terrie Canfield

5 5 months ago

Terrie Canfield

I am a new patient at Manor Dental. They have been wonderful. My old fillings needed to be replaced & it was painless. No needles. They use a topical to freeze. They confirmed my coverage before work occured so there were no surprises. Thank you Manor Dental, you're a great team!
By Sheila

5 5 months ago


Thanks once again for Making my time there feel safe
By Bill Cotton

5 5 months ago

Hygeinist Visit Jennifer

The check in was completed professionally including my covid screening. It was also very informative regarding safety precautions. Jennifer continues to make getting your teeth cleaned a pleasure. Comedy relief and professional care plus recommendations for home care of teeth and gums. I got Dr Scott's stamp of approval so it was a good visit!. Bill Cotton
By Thomas Porte

5 5 months ago


Very good
By Tanya Preston

5 5 months ago

Excellent service

love love manor dental ..excellent staff and excellent service dental office ive ever been to ...
By Glenn Grosskurth

5 5 months ago
I find the staff at Manor Dental excellent. They are always very friendly and helpful Recently I had to have some surgery, the next morning they had a called me to make sure that everything was ok It’s come to my attention that Dr Scott is a perfectionist, which isn’t a bad thing I recommend Manor Dental to all friends and family
By Kimberly Brown Verified Review

5 5 months ago

Great job!!!

Thank you for making me feel very safe and secure in all your practices 😊
Reply by Manor Dental Centre 5 months ago
Thank you Kimberly for the kind words! We appreciate you and your confidence in our practice.
By Wendy Rhead

4 5 months ago

April 1, 2021 visit

Sadly the internet was down, however, Dr. Scott and Tanya did their best to help resolve my problem with tooth that had a crown, and the tooth had become sensitive to touch. They also applied a "vanish" to help my teeth with sensitivity. I was instructed to not brush until evening, and I followed those instructions. Sadly the extreme sensitivity has continued to be a problem for me. I believe Dr Scott did all he could, without being able to take x-rays,. He filed the crown to help eliminate the grinding I apparently do. Thank you all, I appreciate the care and skill and knowledge I can trust when I come to Manor Dental.
By joe burrows

5 6 months ago

joe burrows

great; as usual. thanks