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By Wendy Karreman

5 2 days ago

tooth extraction

very pleased with the procedure.
By John Berg

5 2 days ago


Great, friendly, effective service from Jennifer, as always! Thanks!
By Nader Ghader

5 7 days ago
Thanks my dear I’m very happy for kindness and professionalism your teams, specially dr George
By Sheila

5 9 days ago


I m very thankful on the way all Of the staff Treat me I want to say thank you very much Sheila
By Sheila

5 12 days ago


I just wa t to say thank you so much really you guys we’ll neve know on how much the care went into my app not just my teeth but my emotions u can not say th k you enough thanks Sheila
By Fred Davidson

5 14 days ago

Tooth Problem

Dr Scot was very kind and professional while attending to a dental problem.The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. Many thanks.
By Terrie Canfield

5 14 days ago

Terrie Canfield

I am a new patient at Manor Dental. They have been wonderful. My old fillings needed to be replaced & it was painless. No needles. They use a topical to freeze. They confirmed my coverage before work occured so there were no surprises. Thank you Manor Dental, you're a great team!
By Sheila

5 22 days ago


Thanks once again for Making my time there feel safe
By Bill Cotton

5 23 days ago

Hygeinist Visit Jennifer

The check in was completed professionally including my covid screening. It was also very informative regarding safety precautions. Jennifer continues to make getting your teeth cleaned a pleasure. Comedy relief and professional care plus recommendations for home care of teeth and gums. I got Dr Scott's stamp of approval so it was a good visit!. Bill Cotton
By Thomas Porte

5 28 days ago


Very good