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By Bill Cotton

5 4 days ago

Hygienist Jen

Very pleasant ,professional, and thorough as usual. Makes customers comfortable and very knowledgable in answering questions. The front office people are also well trained in their tasks and pleasant to deal with.
By Elaine Foulkes

5 12 days ago

Manor Dental appointment for dental cleaning.

Excellent and gentle care and COVID precautions - as usual!
By dan fletcher

5 13 days ago


they went above and beyond to help me! they really did!!!
By Larry Pappo

5 17 days ago

The best dental team ever

There was a little boy who had to go to the dentist. The dentist scared and hurt him. Years later the boy grew up and became a dentist himself ( I know, crazy, right?) He worked with and got to know many in the profession over the years. He saw the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm recently retired and of all my colleagues in the Southern Ontario and beyond, I choose to go to Manor Dental Centre for my dental needs. The team is truly skilled and proficient, uses advanced technology; but most importantly is careful, caring, engaging and friendly in the delivery of dental services. I recommend this highly professional team to anyone who values their health, smile and teeth.
By Donna Murray

5 18 days ago

Donna Murray

Everything went well.
By Cheryl Lacey

5 19 days ago

Cleaning Appointment

As usual staff at the Dental Manor, Sutton nothing but professional. Special thanks to Mary.
By Evelyn Booth

5 26 days ago
The team at The Manor is amazing. I was referred to Dr. George for a root canal. He took the time to tell me and explained all my options. Not only did he work diligently to try and restore my tooth, but he restored my faith in Dentists! Thank you again Dr. George, you’re one of the best.
By Dorothy Spotton

5 a month ago
Jenn is fantastic - quick and very professional! Thanks, Dorothy
By Carl Kostiuk

5 a month ago

Manor dental

Excellent service and very friendly
By Andrew Bognar

5 a month ago

Dental cleaning.

Fantastic work on cleaning and polishing my teeth.