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By joe burrows

5 Dec 24, 2019
dr. scott did a great job getting my teeth up to date. shows pictures and explains everything. great dentist !
By Mary Catherine Macaluso

5 Dec 19, 2019


Excellent as usual.
By Thelma Sellers

5 Dec 18, 2019
I was way overdue for a cleaning and check up on my hygienist did a great job. Thanks!!
By Anna Belyntseva

5 Dec 14, 2019
Very professional work.
By Anna Belyntseva

5 Dec 13, 2019

Cleaning, x-ray, doctor's check up

Great work, that's everything I can tell.
By Tony Macaluso

5 Dec 12, 2019

Dental service Dec.11

Thank you for my change in appointment on short notice. Your professional service in the dental chair and your office is very much appreciated. I would recommend your clinic to all my friends or relatives. Thanks again and have a happy Holiday season.
By Thelma Sellers

5 Dec 11, 2019
I met with Dr. A to look at a loose permanent bridge - news was not good, but he explored with me all options for repair and we are now proceeding with extraction of rear molar and another implant. Thanks Andrew for your care!
By Christine Legree

5 Nov 30, 2019

My visits to this dentist's office

This visit was great. I had a wisdom tooth removed plus a small filling. The process was painless and I appreciated the humor from the doctor at the end. The recovery period now is also fine too. This dental office is excellent.
By Tanya Mapley

5 Nov 11, 2019

Dr Scott - Fillings

Like a lot of people, I have a fear of dentists, especially the needles and making sure I’m frozen before any treatments. Dr Scott communicated on what he was doing. I didn’t feel the needles and was frozen well the first time. I have a few more visits for some work and not nearly as apprehensive as I originally was. Thank you to the whole staff at Manor Dental.
By joe burrows

5 Nov 7, 2019
dr. scott is very professional; not unlike dr. A. a little confusion around locations of lab materials; thinking a new dental asst. in training? not a problem though. j